Testing Windows Live Writer

Installed Windows Live writer recently. Just checking whether it works properly with wordpress.

Should return to blogging, starting this week :).

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Wish life had a reboot button…..

To start again, afresh, without any zombie processes or memory fragmentation … Just a clean new start.

So many swap files and temporary data that can be flushed… so much baggage to dump…

A clean new life…….

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Better design ?

I talking to a friend of mine today morning, and heard a “beep” kind of sound while talking. Since the phone chirps the same way to alert me about a new SMS, I did not attach any importance to that sound.

About 15 mins later, the call dropped abruptly. Cursing my mobile provider, I was about to redial when I noticed the reason for the dropped call – my phone was dead, the battery had run out while I was talking. And the aforementioned beep was the phone’s way of letting me know that the battery level was low.

Bloody stupid design, I think. We are talking about a mid-range feature phone here. Why can’t it have a voice alert feature, a nice female (or male) voice that pleasantly says “Battery low” if I happen to be talking on the phone then ? Luckily for me, I was just talking to a good friend. Think about some poor chap having a row with his better half, and phone happens to die midway.

“Honey, My phone died. I did not hang up on you”

“Oh yeah ?”

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Been a while

Been a while since my last post. Lots of things happened since, and a (non exhaustive) list is given below. Shall try to write more abt select topics from the list :).

*) Been on a bike trip to the Himalayas. Out of the world. (Grider, I know. Pending travelogue ūüôā )


*) Car trip to Hyderabad.

*)¬†Car¬†trip¬†to¬†Trivandrum.¬†Me¬†being¬†the¬†sole¬†driver.¬†Amazing¬†experience,¬†once¬†again. (travelogue pending ūüôā )

*)¬†Got¬†512¬†kbps¬†connection¬†at¬†home.¬†¬†¬†(Youtube, here I come ūüôā ).

*)¬†Started¬†reading¬†George¬†R¬†R¬†Martin’s¬†“Song¬†of¬†Fire¬†and¬†Ice¬†series”.¬†Just¬†awesome. (review later :).¬†Daenerys¬†rocks¬†! )


*) Joined guitar classes :P. Yet another attempt to learn music. Hope something good happens this time.

*) Stopped gymming :(.

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Testing from mobile

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And trying something new this time. :). Lemme know what you think of this piece of art.


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The call..

“Sorry “, the clerk said, “Its almost closing time, this is all we’ve got”

He looked at the tiny serving, and said “Ok. I guess this will do. Can you pack it for me ?”.

“Ok man. Here you go..”.

He walked, nay, limped, towards his apartment, lost in thought. It had been a long day, and not much had gone right. “Boy”, he thought, looking around, “It sure is dark tonight. Can hardly see a thing”.

The phone rang. Absent minded, he answered the call.


————————————————————– ********************** ———————————————————————

He woke up, looked at the clock, and cursed. Not a good start. A long day ahead of him, and already he was behind the clock.

He got ready in a jiffy and ran to the govt office, praying for it to be open. “Funny” , he thought on the way, ” I had about six months to wrap this paperwork up, and i had to leave it to the last day. I hope there is no big queue”.

There was no queue. With a spring in his steps, he reached the main door, and then he noticed the sign.

“Holiday Today”.

————————————————————– ********************** ——————————————————————-

Evening. A very windy day.

“Been a while since we played, right ?”, his friend asked him.

“Yeah. I cannot remember when we last played. Here. You go first”.

It was a one sided game. He and his mates tried, but the game was long gone. Eager to prove a point, he ran hard, stumbled, and came up clutching his ankle.

————————————————————– ********************** ——————————————————————-

“Rotten day till date. Let me at least check my mails”, he thought, and reached out for his laptop.

Crash !

Shell shocked, he stared at the broken screen.

————————————————————– ********************** ——————————————————————-

“Hello. ”

It was not a voice he had expected. “Hey… you know what ? I saw a herd of elephants today. Three adults and two baby elephants. It was sooo wonderful ! “.

He could sense the excitement in the voice. A wind blew the dark clouds away, and the moon came out shining.

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