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The state of my seat of faculty of reason at some instant in space-time

Highlights of the day

A simple list of the day’s highlights: A phone call in the morning A walk by the lake with a good friend Printing those biographies on good quality paper A walk back home in the rain Narrowly missing electrocution And … Continue reading

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Wish life had a reboot button…..

To start again, afresh, without any zombie processes or memory fragmentation … Just a clean new start. So many swap files and temporary data that can be flushed… so much baggage to dump… A clean new life…….

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Been a while..

Been a while since my last post. Had a bad attack of writer’s block, during which I wandered around trying to write about something, but without anything funny to write about. New year started with a bang. Me, NN, PSS … Continue reading

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Quick update

Mom had a surgery yesterday, and is recovering from that now. The surgery was supposed to last 2 hours, but it lasted 3 hours instead. Me and dad were waiting outside, biting our nails, nervous. we breathed a sigh of … Continue reading

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Its Over, Part 3

I normally do not write about workplace related things, but making an exception now. I quit my current job, and yesterday was my last working day. Had been here for over 3 years, have built up a lot of good … Continue reading

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Roller Coaster ride.

Feel like I am in a roller coaster thats going down a slope. I knew when it was going up the slope. Everything slowed down. Nothing went the way i wanted it to. But then, unknown to me, at some … Continue reading

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Monsoon in Kerala

Back in bangalore today. And monsoon arrived in Kerala yesterday. Just my luck. When it rains, Kerala looks like a beautiful dream. Overcast skies, greenery all around, overflowing creeks .. words fail me. Planning another visit home soon. Agenda :Sitting … Continue reading

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