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Rebooting again…

Performing CPR on this blog ~4 years after its death.  You may ask why, and I will respond with a y!? Too much water has flowed under the bridge since the last update, and it would be injudicious to attempt … Continue reading

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Optimization techniques

Optimization is fascinating topic – the process of identifying potential areas for improvement in an existing system, identifying possible approaches to bring about the improvements, and observing the actual improvements in the system after implementing the changes gives me a … Continue reading

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Back again

Inspired by Grider’s comment, this blog is alive again, after being in a suspended state for almost an year. What has happened since the last post ? I own a netbook now, after my laptop stopped working I finished my MBA, … Continue reading

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Highlights of the day

A simple list of the day’s highlights: A phone call in the morning A walk by the lake with a good friend Printing those biographies on good quality paper A walk back home in the rain Narrowly missing electrocution And … Continue reading

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Running (?) Shoes..

I recently bought a pair of running shoes  made by Nike, called Hot air or something of that sort. When I first saw that pair of shoes, the image of me running a double marathon in them clouded my mind. … Continue reading

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Disappointment, on a Monday morning.

(Note to readers (assuming there are any): Sorry for the abrupt beginning to this post. Filling in the full context is just too much work, and I might lose the motivation to write if I have to fill that in. … Continue reading

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Quick updates !

Much water has flown under the bridge since the last serious post I made. And, I think I mite have changed things.. forever.. The life in Bangalore, the friends, the fun times seem a distant memory now. In Kingston, doing … Continue reading

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