Running (?) Shoes..

I recently bought a pair of running shoes  made by Nike, called Hot air or something of that sort. When I first saw that pair of shoes, the image of me running a double marathon in them clouded my mind. Whipping the credit card out of the wallet, swiping it, and walking out with the shoes was accomplished before my friends could say “Blink”.

I tried them the next morning. Walking to school did feel like walking on air, and I really liked the way it which the shoe fit my foot. And the cushioning provided was excellent as well.

However, the shoe lace comes undone every 40 steps, like clockwork. I’ve tried every trick in my book (short of using super glue) to hold them together, and nothing has worked. I just cannot understand how these are sold as running shoes.

1) Step 41: Athlete notices that the lace has come undone.

2) Steps 42 – 50 : athlete hops on one leg, while trying to tie the lace

3) Steps 51 – 55 : athelte rolls on the floor

4) Athlete sits up, clutching knee/jaw/shoulder/broken nose.

Alexy, I was wrong about the shoelaces. There are some that just cannot be tied together.

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8 Responses to Running (?) Shoes..

  1. vanchi says:

    So, are you really in bad shape?

  2. karram says:

    @ Vanch:
    Oh no, I am perfectly fine, thank you :). The post was disconnected from reality.

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  4. kv says:

    hahaha!! Hundreds of images go through my mind. Starting from my Pump 2.0 to people’s sarcastic comments about it to the Pump actually stopped working to what not!

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