Disappointment, on a Monday morning.

(Note to readers (assuming there are any): Sorry for the abrupt beginning to this post. Filling in the full context is just too much work, and I might lose the motivation to write if I have to fill that in. If there are specific questions, just leave a comment and I’ll answer 🙂 ).

I was working on the CSR paper all weekend. About 8 pages of verbiage describing how awesome Intel is when it comes to CSR, and how stupid they were to pull out of OLPC program pretty much summarizes my paper. Drifted off to sleep, and was pretty excited today morning when I got up.

The reason for my excitement stems is the fact that we are starting a new module today, and one of the subjects in this course deals with models. Now, I was looking forward to this course. Who would have thought there would be course dealing with models, and naturally to me, that term conjured up ravishing ladies clad in the bare minimum clothing.

So, with a spring in my step (which is amazing given the fact that I twisted my ankle last friday and could barely walk for two days), I bounded into the class five minutes early (which is a significant improvement from the 30 seconds early rule that I normally follow). However, my great expectations went for a toss the minute class started.

The course was about modelling, all right. However, instead of barely clothed ladies, the course focused on mathematical models, and how a manager can use them to make better business decisions (or, in the words of the Prof., come up with bad answers instead of worse answers).

Monday morning blues never go away !

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4 Responses to Disappointment, on a Monday morning.

  1. Naveen says:

    patience is the mantra ! might be in for a surprise at the end if this course 😉

  2. karram says:

    The grade might be a surprise, but apart from that, I expect nothing new :).

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