Rebooting again…

Performing CPR on this blog ~4 years after its death.  You may ask why, and I will respond with a y!?

Too much water has flowed under the bridge since the last update, and it would be injudicious to attempt a longish post now. Better to ease into the flow than forcing myself to write one long post, feel drained, and let this rot again. 

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Optimization techniques

Optimization is fascinating topic – the process of identifying potential areas for improvement in an existing system, identifying possible approaches to bring about the improvements, and observing the actual improvements in the system after implementing the changes gives me a wonderful feeling. One of the best projects I’ve worked on involved optimizing the boot up time of a Linux based digital still camera – I managed to bring this from nearly 50 seconds to just over 2 seconds.

Anyway, this post is not about technical stuff. Today morning P,D,S and me went for a brunch buffet, and here (in the most unexpected of places) I was fortunate enough to observe some “optimization” techniques practiced by the patrons. So here it is : The list of the top four optimization techniques that could be used at a buffet queue.

4. Jumping the queue: Approach the buffet with a plate that already has food, say, two idlis. Pretend to have come to just refill the sambhar or chutney, so skip the queue and go straight to sambhar. Once done, nonchalantly backtrack, grab some dosas/vadas and walk off.

3. Teamwork: Works when you have a friend. If the friend goes for a refill before you do, wait till he reaches the food, hop across to him (with a plate) and grab what you need. Done !

2. Multicore: Similar to 3, except, there is no friend. Just take 2 (or more) plates with you.

And now, the winner. This is the best technique I’ve seen till date, and its simplicity and originality blew my mind ! It is

1. Non-stop eating: Stand in the queue, take what you need, go back to the end of the queue and start eating. No time wasted behind slow coaches, no time wasted walking back and forth between food and table, no danger of missing any refill !

(Note: I feel rusty ! I am not happy the way this post has come out, yet, its a start).

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Back again

Inspired by Grider’s comment, this blog is alive again, after being in a suspended state for almost an year. What has happened since the last post ?

I own a netbook now, after my laptop stopped working

I finished my MBA, and started working again

Moved from Kingston to Ottawa, and then to Toronto

Went Bungee jumping

Flew a 4 seater cessna

Drove 1000+ kms in two days once

More later…

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Highlights of the day

A simple list of the day’s highlights:

  1. A phone call in the morning
  2. A walk by the lake with a good friend
  3. Printing those biographies on good quality paper
  4. A walk back home in the rain
  5. Narrowly missing electrocution

And the best of the lot…..

  • A wave of the hand, and a smile.
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Running (?) Shoes..

I recently bought a pair of running shoes  made by Nike, called Hot air or something of that sort. When I first saw that pair of shoes, the image of me running a double marathon in them clouded my mind. Whipping the credit card out of the wallet, swiping it, and walking out with the shoes was accomplished before my friends could say “Blink”.

I tried them the next morning. Walking to school did feel like walking on air, and I really liked the way it which the shoe fit my foot. And the cushioning provided was excellent as well.

However, the shoe lace comes undone every 40 steps, like clockwork. I’ve tried every trick in my book (short of using super glue) to hold them together, and nothing has worked. I just cannot understand how these are sold as running shoes.

1) Step 41: Athlete notices that the lace has come undone.

2) Steps 42 – 50 : athlete hops on one leg, while trying to tie the lace

3) Steps 51 – 55 : athelte rolls on the floor

4) Athlete sits up, clutching knee/jaw/shoulder/broken nose.

Alexy, I was wrong about the shoelaces. There are some that just cannot be tied together.

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Disappointment, on a Monday morning.

(Note to readers (assuming there are any): Sorry for the abrupt beginning to this post. Filling in the full context is just too much work, and I might lose the motivation to write if I have to fill that in. If there are specific questions, just leave a comment and I’ll answer 🙂 ).

I was working on the CSR paper all weekend. About 8 pages of verbiage describing how awesome Intel is when it comes to CSR, and how stupid they were to pull out of OLPC program pretty much summarizes my paper. Drifted off to sleep, and was pretty excited today morning when I got up.

The reason for my excitement stems is the fact that we are starting a new module today, and one of the subjects in this course deals with models. Now, I was looking forward to this course. Who would have thought there would be course dealing with models, and naturally to me, that term conjured up ravishing ladies clad in the bare minimum clothing.

So, with a spring in my step (which is amazing given the fact that I twisted my ankle last friday and could barely walk for two days), I bounded into the class five minutes early (which is a significant improvement from the 30 seconds early rule that I normally follow). However, my great expectations went for a toss the minute class started.

The course was about modelling, all right. However, instead of barely clothed ladies, the course focused on mathematical models, and how a manager can use them to make better business decisions (or, in the words of the Prof., come up with bad answers instead of worse answers).

Monday morning blues never go away !

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Quick updates !

Much water has flown under the bridge since the last serious post I made. And, I think I mite have changed things.. forever..

The life in Bangalore, the friends, the fun times seem a distant memory now. In Kingston, doing the MBA from Queen’s School of Business now. Hectic life, and I do get homesick quite often. This too shall pass.

The intention this time is to update this blog frequently. Lets see how things go.

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